Vitamin Water is Not a Health Food…But Maybe Poutine is?

The video of University of Ottawa’s Dr. Yoni Freedhoff and his revenge on the packaged food industry for their last minute cancellation of his talk has been making the rounds on social media sites over the past two days and has just been featured in the Huffington PostIn case you haven’t seen it, take a look:

I agree wholeheartedly with everything Dr. Yoni says in this video.  His messages are very important – not only about the food industry but what his handling of the situation says about free speech.  But is it wrong that I can’t stop thinking… so Vitamin Water is certainly not a health food, but maybe poutine is?  After all, it’s (sometimes) real food made with real ingredients – baked fries and homemade gravy from scratch, topped with fresh, local cheese curds. Maybe labeling it health food is a bit of stretch, but this is a great example of my philosophy on food and using whole, local ingredients. If forced to choose between poutine and vitamin water, I would pick poutine every time.

In fact, I’ve been craving Absinthe‘s Duck Confit Poutine something fierce for the past week.  My significant other promises that if we get a pressure cooker for Christmas we will try to replicate it.  Please, santa?


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