Shoots and Leaves

Watermelons reaching for the sunThe seeds we started are coming along!  Not that I check them every day.  Or several times a day for that matter.  The first leek sprout to arrive made me as excited as a child sprouting their first bean in a glass of water – probably more so, because I have a much greater understanding of the importance of food security and the perils that lurk in conventionally grown food.  That said, this isn’t a completely organic operation.  We bought the most “organic sounding” potting soil we could find and decided that will do.  This being our first year growing from seeds, our main goal is just to make stuff grow, with the understanding that our process will be refined each year as we learn what grows best and what works for us.

So far, we’ve started leeks, red onions, watermelons, several types of tomatoes, sweet peppers and hot peppers.  The leeks and onions have been in the soil about three weeks now and took just under a week to germinate.

Here they are at 9 days old:

Onions and leeks - 9 daysAnd again at about three weeks:

Onions and leeks - 3 weeksWatermelons were started at the same time, and they broke the surface just after the onions.  These are the only seeds that we didn’t buy – I saved the seeds from melons we received through our CSA last summer.  I forget exactly what they look like, as we received many interesting and unique melons, so it will be a surprise come harvest time.  We learned later that watermelons are not supposed to be started inside because they don’t like being disturbed.  Makes sense, as they’re already growing like crazy.  I have visions of watermelons taking over my house before the time to plant outside arrives!

IMG_1455At nine days:

Watermelons  - 9 daysAt two weeks:

Watermelons - 2 weeksThree weeks:

Watermelons - 3 weeksSweet peppers and hot peppers were also started three weeks ago, and only two have sprouted so far – they’re known for taking much longer to germinate, but I’m a little concerned about these.

Here they are at three weeks:

Peppers - 3 weeksThe tomatoes have been in just over a week and seem to be doing well.  We planted large slicing tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes and yellow cherry tomatoes.

Here are the tomatoes at nine days.  I think they look like a little forest.

Tomato forest - 9 days


8 thoughts on “Shoots and Leaves

  1. Lovely pictures! Someone gave me good advice about peppers a couple of years ago; they prefer to get started in the dark. No kidding! So for those first couple of weeks it’s better to cover them up and give them the darkness they crave. Good luck!

  2. LOVE this! I adore watching the tiny seeds sprout and turn into beautiful, flourishing plants!
    My parents have quite the garden, and my dad’s pride and joy are his tomatoes. Often the shrubs will be taller than me! His secret in getting sweet tomatoes, is to let a few of the fruit fall from the bush, and then he plants them at the base of the stalk. When they come back, it’s a sweeter fruit.
    I’ve also taken his home and replanted the tomatoes with luck! =0)
    Thanks for this beautiful blog, and I hope to see more of your growing updates!

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