An Earth Day Poem From 12 Year Old Me

Ottawa River Sunflower

A poem for Earth Day, written when I was 12.  Simplistic and idealist words of a child, no doubt, but my thoughts towards environmentalism today haven’t changed and I can’t think of anything more perfect to say.  Sometimes things really are that simple.

A Better Place

If we could just change the way
We all live our lives today;
If we saved the birds and bees,
Protected the oceans, land and trees,
We’ll stop pollution and litter bugs.
We’ll take care of ourselves and won’t do drugs.
We’ll save the whales, the leopards too.
If we work together we’ll make it through.

The earth is our home, we only have one.
It might be too late, the damage is done.
But we have a chance and it is our last.
Look into the future, don’t dwell on the past.
If we try with all our might.
If we don’t give in, but put up a fight,
The world could be a better place
For the entire human race.


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