Garden Update

Garen bed with squash, peas, beans and peppersThere is a reason I haven’t posted a garden update in a while.  That reason is that I take a series of pictures, get busy for a day or two before posting them, then look at the garden again and realize the pictures are out of date because everything has grown so much more!  Ok, I didn’t say it was a good reason.

Most things are coming along quite well, considering the late start we got with planting.  The majority of the plants we started from seed that made it into the ground are doing good, considering the late start, lack of sun and bucketloads of rain we’ve had.  These are the cherry tomatoes – we still haven’t decided on a support system.  To the left of the tomatoes are zucchinis at the front and watermelons at the back.  The watermelons are struggling along, but the weather has been very mixed, so I’m hoping that if we get a hot spell they’ll make more progress.Garden bed with tomatoes, zucchini and watermelonHere are more tomatoes, with cucumbers to the left.  The cucumbers are growing very slowly.

Garden bed with tomatoes and cucumberThis bed is the happiest of all.  Peas at the back, beans along the right side, spaghetti squash in the middle and several varieties of peppers at the front.  The squash and peppers were not grown from seed.  Since this picture was taken we moved one of the squash plants into our flower bed to make more space.  The peppers seem to have a problem with the leaves yellowing and turning brown.  Could it just be too much water?  We have three or four different types of peppers here and the same problem is affecting all of them to one degree or another.

Garen bed with squash, peas, beans and peppersNonetheless, a few of them have peppers on them already.  Here’s a banana pepper.  You can see brownish spots on some of the leaves.

Yellow banana pepper on plantKale and spinach, struggling along although we started late and something likes to eat them.  Now that they’ve gotten bigger they seemed to have fought off whatever it is.

Spinach and kaleLeeks and onions.

Green onions and leeksDill, which we’ve already started harvesting.  We bought this plant at a garden centre, but I will definitely try to grow it from seed next year, as it seems very prolific.  And I had no idea how different freshly picked dill would taste!  Such a difference compared to what you buy in the store, and especially from the dried stuff.

DillCilantro!  I’m very excited about this.

CilantroA tiny hardy kiwi (excuse the poor quality picture, this was taken with my cell phone).  We weren’t sure if it would produce kiwis this year, but there are a handful of tiny ones like this.

Tiny hardy kiwi fruit on vineThe blueberry fedge.  I’ve eaten exactly two blueberries so far.  This variety is called North Country which is an early producing hybrid between wild low bush varieties and commercial high bush types.

Blueberry hedge or fedge


7 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Hey Lise, everything looks good. I’m not sure that I would worry too much about the yellowing leaves on the peppers. And in terms of mysterious eaters in the garden, last night I went out to check on things in the dark with a flashlight and found that my main culprits were tiny slugs and decent-sized snails. I picked them all off (put the slugs in soapy water and threw the snails out to the street… kind of mean I guess) and will follow up tonight. They had been decimating all sorts of things, but their favorite (ironically) was the marigolds!
    Anyways, your garden looks great, keep up the good work!

    • Ha! Thanks. You are much more confident in my gardening skills than I am! Good call on the snails, we definitely have those around. I haven’t seen any slugs, but then again, I haven’t been out at night looking for them. Slugs like beer, right? Maybe if I bribe hubby with the rest of the beer, he’ll go slug hunting for me!

      • It works quite well, I just rarely want to part with any of it! The problem too is that it gets kinda slimy quite quickly…. a friend suggested crushed eggshells so I’m seeing how that goes… always an ongoing process of trial and error!

        • I’ve used eggshells around my hostas to keep away slugs, and it seems to reduce the damage anyway. I don’t know why I didn’t think to sprinkle it in my vegetable beds!

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