Family, Food and Thanks

Cap-pele beach

Hello. Hi. I’ve been a little, er, absent from here lately. Ok, a lot absent. It wasn’t intentional… a combination of life getting in the way, and a feeling that my inspiration to cook new things and to talk about food was waning. The realization that many people don’t know (or care) where their food comes from, but can converse ad nauseam about the latest episode of The Bachelor or Real Housewives of New Jersey (how is that even a show?). Or which Kardashian is pregnant (seriously?!). I also recently learned that some new ovens come with a chicken nugget setting (I wish I was kidding).

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Strawberry Banana Red Fife Muffins with Flax, and some thoughts about wheat

Strawberry Banana Flax Muffins 2My Naturopath gave me this recipe which originally called for almond flour as she suggested it’s a good idea in general to reduce wheat intake.  I’ve read a lot about the wheat-free debate (including the book Wheat Belly) as well as much of the criticism against it (Paleofantasy, a criticism of the Paleo diet as opposed to only wheat, was just released and I’m curious to read it) but I’m still undecided as to how to how I feel about the whole thing.  Davis puts forth some very convincing arguments in Wheat Belly making it appear that once you eliminate wheat, all your problems are solved and life gets so much better. Continue reading

Help Translate Le jardinier-maraicher (Growing Great Veggies: A Market Gardener’s Manual for Small-Scale Organic Farming)


I heard Jean-Martin speak a few weeks back through an event organized by Just Food, and his methods are incredibly innovative and inspiring in an economy where big agriculture keeps getting bigger and more and more small farms are being swallowed up.  Statistics Canada’s Snapshot of Canadian Agriculture shows that the number of farms has decreased by 10% in the five years since the previous farm census, yet total farmland only dropped by 4%.  Average farm size increased by 7% over that same period. Continue reading

Shop Local! A Holiday Challenge

I saw this on Facebook today on Ottawa Locavore Artisan Food Fair‘s page and had to share.  This is my manifesto.  I challenge myself this holiday season to shop local whenever possible – food, gifts, decor, everything!  So dear family and friends, expect to get maple syrup and beaver tails for Christmas!  I kid.  Ottawa has many great local shops and craft shows, and I`m excited to have an excuse to spend money at them.  Starting tomorrow with Urban Craft!