Garden Update

Garen bed with squash, peas, beans and peppersThere is a reason I haven’t posted a garden update in a while.  That reason is that I take a series of pictures, get busy for a day or two before posting them, then look at the garden again and realize the pictures are out of date because everything has grown so much more!  Ok, I didn’t say it was a good reason. Continue reading


Garden Update

Purple chive flowersWe’re a little late getting the garden started.  In Eastern Ontario, the long weekend in May is traditionally considered the safe garden planting time.  With the warming climate, some say the average last frost date in our region is actually around May 6th, although it certainly wouldn’t have paid off to plant delicate plants that early this year.  While I do wish we would have had the plants in the ground earlier, we did A LOT of work on the garden so far this year.  Continue reading

Shoots and Leaves

Watermelons reaching for the sunThe seeds we started are coming along!  Not that I check them every day.  Or several times a day for that matter.  The first leek sprout to arrive made me as excited as a child sprouting their first bean in a glass of water – probably more so, because I have a much greater understanding of the importance of food security and the perils that lurk in conventionally grown food.  That said, this isn’t a completely organic operation.  We bought the most “organic sounding” potting soil we could find and decided that will do.  This being our first year growing from seeds, our main goal is just to make stuff grow, with the understanding that our process will be refined each year as we learn what grows best and what works for us. Continue reading


SAMSUNGThis is what greeted me as I came home from work yesterday – tulips!  What this picture doesn`t show is the 4 foot high snowbanks that still cover most of our lawn!  There`s a lot to be said for a south facing brick wall and a few sunny days.  I`m hoping our vegetables will be just as happy when we build raised garden beds here later this spring.  As soon as these babies are done flowering, they`ll be dug up and relocated to make way for vegetables!  Which reminds me, I think I have more seeds to start…