Kawalsa Salsa’s Roasted Tomato Fresh Salsa

One of the things I love about eating locally and seasonally is that you get to really indulge in a foodstuff when it’s in season.  It forces you to get creative and expand your recipe repertoire and come up with different ways to eat the same thing day after day.  The perfect example of this is tomatoes (yep, they’re still in season).  Do you notice a trend with my posts lately?  No, I’m not just obsessed with tomatoes, but this is the time of year they’re at their best.  After reading Tomatoland, I don’t eat tomatoes out of season, or if I don’t know the origin.  So I eat as much as I can when they are in season!

I can’t take any credit for the recipe I want to share today.  I read this on the Ottawa Citizen Style blog, and knew I had to try it.  It really was delicious.  Roasting the tomatoes and peppers gives it an added depth of flavour that puts it ahead of previous salsa recipes I’ve tried.  The only change I made to the recipe was that I had some leftover corn on the cob, so I cut off the kernels and stirred them into the finished product (I used about 1 1/2 cobs, boiled – but I bet if you grilled them it would be even better!)

For the story of the man behind the salsa and recipe for Roasted Tomato Salsa check out the Ottawa Citizen’s article.  Or go straight to their website for where to buy Kawalsa Salsa.


Mexican Corn on the Cob

We’ve been getting some great corn on the cob from our CSA at Waratah Downs and I was getting tired of the usual boiled or grilled corn slathered in butter. I was inspired by this recipe, but I made a few changes (yes, their pictures are much prettier but my recipe has real cheese!) Do check out the link if you want a vegan version though.  We served the corn with sausages from The Piggy Market – in my opinion, they make the best sausages in the city.  Pictured below are one Turkey & Cranberry sausage and one Maple Chipotle – yum!

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