Baked Potato and Leek Soup with Cheddar and Bacon (and Beer)

Baked potato soup

Yesterday was quite a day here in Ottawa. I’m not here to be political, so all I will say is that on some days you crave something comforting and warm and yesterday was one of those days.

Here is a delicious recipe for Baked Potato and Leek Soup which was exactly what a day like yesterday called for.

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Shoots and Leaves

Watermelons reaching for the sunThe seeds we started are coming along!  Not that I check them every day.  Or several times a day for that matter.  The first leek sprout to arrive made me as excited as a child sprouting their first bean in a glass of water – probably more so, because I have a much greater understanding of the importance of food security and the perils that lurk in conventionally grown food.  That said, this isn’t a completely organic operation.  We bought the most “organic sounding” potting soil we could find and decided that will do.  This being our first year growing from seeds, our main goal is just to make stuff grow, with the understanding that our process will be refined each year as we learn what grows best and what works for us. Continue reading

Chard and Leek Puff Pastry Tart

This recipe is incredibly simple, takes no time at all, and is flexible to accommodate whatever seasonal vegetables you have on hand.  Many combinations of vegetables, cheeses and herbs would work here.  I’ve made it in the spring with tomatoes, basil and goat cheese.  Or with asparagus and sharp cheddar.  It also makes a great appetizer, just cut it into smaller pieces when it comes out of the oven.  Continue reading

Butternut Squash, Leek and Fresh Herb Risotto

It’s time for squash!  I love squash.  I have several exciting squash recipes I want to share, but it was easy to choose which one to do first.  I used to think risotto was too difficult and way above my comfort zone – probably due to watching too much Hell’s Kitchen and hearing Gordon Ramsay repeatedly scream “Look at the risotto!  It’s f&@king burnt! You donkey!” or something to that effect.  But then I tried it and it’s really not that hard.  It just takes patience and a lot of stirring. Continue reading