Shop Local – Year Round

I`ve been really enjoying getting better acquainted with local boutiques and Christmas markets while I do my holiday shopping this year, and what`s more, I already notice my thought patterns changing.  Rather than running through the stores in the Rideau Centre in my head while contemplating a new holiday outfit, I`m mentally traveling down Richmond Road and Wellington West and speculating on what local sellers will be at this weekend`s selection of holiday fairs.   As they say, it takes thirty days to change a behaviour, and I`m already feeling this holiday challenge creating new habits that will shape how I shop for the rest of my life.

Here is a great post from Victoire on why shopping local is important year round: Support Local…Year


Shop Local Challenge: Holiday Food Fairs and Craft Markets

I heard on CBC Radio that Christmas is only 38 days away!  Yep, that’s soon.  No matter what holiday traditions you celebrate, most of us are doing a fair amount of shopping this time of year, whether for food, gifts, decor or treats for yourself.  (Treating yourself is important too!) Why not focus some of those shopping dollars on local shops and artisans?  Here’s a few reasons why:

–       Supporting small businesses in your community helps the local economy.

–       Avoid mall crowds!  My decision to shop local this holiday season was cemented when I spent an hour shopping with a friend at the Rideau Centre on Sunday.  So freaking crowded!

–     Sustainability.  Stuff made locally by hand is less resource intensive than mass-produced junk that traveled halfway around the world to get to you. Continue reading

Shop Local! A Holiday Challenge

I saw this on Facebook today on Ottawa Locavore Artisan Food Fair‘s page and had to share.  This is my manifesto.  I challenge myself this holiday season to shop local whenever possible – food, gifts, decor, everything!  So dear family and friends, expect to get maple syrup and beaver tails for Christmas!  I kid.  Ottawa has many great local shops and craft shows, and I`m excited to have an excuse to spend money at them.  Starting tomorrow with Urban Craft!