Squash and Goat Cheese Mac & Cheese with Beer Bread Crumbs

I had two girlfriends over Friday night for wine and cheese making.   We made ricotta, which is incredibly simple to make – in fact, it’s the only cheese I have successfully made (there was a failed attempt at mozzarella that will be re-attempted one day!)  But not just any ricotta – goat ricotta!  Continue reading


Chicken Soup from Scratch

There are many different methods to make chicken soup.  On one end, you can use packaged broth and cook up chicken and vegetables right in the pot and have it ready in 30 minutes, and on the other the end you can start with a whole raw chicken, make the broth and then cook the soup.  The method I use most often and the one I am going to share today is closer to the second side of the scale. Continue reading

Butternut Squash, Leek and Fresh Herb Risotto

It’s time for squash!  I love squash.  I have several exciting squash recipes I want to share, but it was easy to choose which one to do first.  I used to think risotto was too difficult and way above my comfort zone – probably due to watching too much Hell’s Kitchen and hearing Gordon Ramsay repeatedly scream “Look at the risotto!  It’s f&@king burnt! You donkey!” or something to that effect.  But then I tried it and it’s really not that hard.  It just takes patience and a lot of stirring. Continue reading